Stayhealthy Advancing Augmented Reality to Transform Healthcare from Spectator Sport to Full Contact Engagement

Having finally gained a solid footing in diverse industries and evolving markets in recent years, augmented reality has, indeed, arrived. And AR is now poised to do for healthcare what it’s doing for gaming, education, and entertainment.

“Looking to the near and distant future of medical technology, augmented reality (AR) will be central to innovation,” reads a 2017 report in HIT Consultant. “The medical field will be enhanced dramatically via the rise of augmented reality products emerging in the market. In just a few years, the entire healthcare experience will look entirely different from the medical environment today.”

Playing a pivotal role in AR’s rapid ascension within the healthcare space is stayhealthy, Inc., a lifestyle engagement technology company that develops innovative health measurement solutions.

A creator of web-enabled healthcare monitoring products, stayhealthy was founded in 1995 with the stated goal of making medical-grade health monitoring devices affordable and accessible to average people in their own homes, allowing them to proactively take control of their health.

The act of encouraging individuals to “take control,” however, isn’t limited to suggesting a range of physical activities or behaviors. A cornerstone of stayhealthy is their motto: “You are not fat, you have fat.” By changing the psychology that fat is something you have rather than something that you are, stayhealthy is striving to significantly empower people to take control of their life and their health with consistent action, solutions and tools.

In 2018, augmented reality will factor into the tools offered by stayhealthy in their endeavors. MMW can now confirm that stayhealthy is working with Augmently, Inc. to incorporate patented Augmented Realism™ (AR) to the stayhealthy learning experience, securing stayhealthy as the best in class, next generation product.

stayhealthy’s objective to transform healthcare from a spectator sport to something with which consumers can actively engage, will be aided greatly by the deployment of augmented reality throughout their suite of apps.

By presenting information and actionable advice in a fun, engaging, and gamified ways, people can begin to better understand not only where they are with their health today, but also what they can do to improve their wellbeing and longevity.

“Augmented reality enables a person to see and relate to their personal condition,” says John Collins, President and CEO of stayhealthy Inc. “Instead of a flat number, people will see the impact health has on their physical body, causing an emotional connection and awareness for the user, further keeping them actively engaged toward physical well being. When looking for the right partner, we knew we needed to find an agency that has the same high standards as we do at stayhealthy, Augmently Inc. is just that agency.”

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