Stay Mobile In San Diego

SDCA San Diego Mobile Community SiteThis San Diego mini mobile mashup has a Ron Burgundy style retro logo. That looks hand drawn to me, almost looks like a colored pencil sketch. I like the logo and the mobile site, it appears to be ad supported via AdMob and they’ve got some mobile community staples like:

  • Mobile Search
  • Traffic
  • Directions
  • Stock
  • Current Weather Conditions

This site has one other killer feature that you won’t find on most other mobile community sites. Any ideas what that might be? Here’s a hint.

San Diego Mobile Surf Report

Mobile Surf Reports! Awesome idea. These guys have a mini Surf Report Drill Down, check this out.

Mobile Surf Reports

Drilling into North San Diego gets you the Oceanside report.

North San Diego Surf Report - Oceanside

It looks like the surf reports are actually widgets integrated from I couldn’t see that getting mashed in real time. Same goes for the Traffic Reports, that’s got to be getting mixed in on the server-side in the backend. And though it looks like the Weather stuff is coming across the wire from Microsoft it’s not, I believe that’s the phishing url service check that the browser makes.

Hopefully, someone from will see that above screenshot and get themselves a favicon file to fix that 404 faux pas.