State Lotteries Increasingly Going Mobile to Drive Consumer Engagement

State lotteries are routinely turning to the mobile channel to inspire would-be ticket buyers to press their luck.

In another illustrative example of this burgeoning phenomenon, this week Hipcricket announced that the Virginia Lottery has selected its platform as part of a multichannel mobile marketing initiative.

The Virginia Lottery is working to provide its players with a number of choices for interacting with the organization, including QR (Quick Response) codes, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and an opt-in mobile alert program to drive consumer engagement.

“The Virginia Lottery has developed a very advanced mobile marketing strategy that utilizes a number of mobile channels,” says Eric Harber, Hipcricket chief operating officer. “By providing its players so many choices in how they’d like to participate, the Virginia Lottery will be able to increase engagement that can maximize the value of its mobile CRM capabilities.”

The Virginia Lottery, which in its history has provided public schools in the state with more than $5 Billion in proceeds, is promoting these mobile initiatives by adding mobile information to a number of its television and radio advertisements. By adding this information, the organization can further leverage its advertising investment and better track the success of its campaigns.

“The goal of our mobile program is to offer a richer and more engaging experience for our customers,” says Paula Otto, Executive Director of Virginia Lottery. “Hipcricket has been a great partner in this initiative, helping to identify and develop multiple means of mobile engagement for our players.”