State Farm Adds Mobile App to Steer Clear Program

State Farm is joining the increasingly large crowd of insurance companies to provide a mobile application to their clients.

Last week State Farm introduced an iPhone app to build upon the insurance providers’ Steer Clear Safe Drivers Discount Program, a project that was designed with young drivers in mind. The Steer Clear App aims to inspire new drivers to take advantage of the Steer Clear discount program as well as the drivers education opportunities that may be available to them.

Pointing to the sobering reality that automobile accidents remain the leading killer of teenagers in the United States, State Farm is tapping into the mobile realm as a proven, effective means for reaching teenagers. Claiming that the app is a first of its kind in many ways, State Farm is being widely praised by many for promoting safety behind the wheel with some of the youngest drivers on the road.

According to the company, “State Farm plans to extend the application’s usability beyond State Farm customers, to serve as a helpful tool for any young adult as they learn to drive, and as a guide for parents as they coach their teen drivers.”