StatCounter Says Chrome to Out-Fox Firefox in Browser Market Share

According to the latest data published by the web analytics experts at StatCounter, Firefox is about to be overtaken – in terms of market share – by Google’s Chrome. If that reality ultimately manifests, Chrome will be the world’s second most popular browser behind only Internet Explorer.

Chrome is essentially reaping all the defections from Firefox and IE.

Presently, Chrome’s global market share in browser usage is approximately 26% while Firefox retains a 30% share. Internet Explorer, however, remains king of all browsers with a still-solid 41.7% market share.

From ComputerWorld:

The climb of Chrome during 2011 has been astonishing: It has gained eight percentage point since January 2011, representing a 50% increase.

During that same period, the report adds, Firefox shed almost four percentage points, “a decline of about 13%, while IE has also fallen four points, a 9% dip.”

StatCounter believes Chrome may take the lead from Firefox before the end of 2011.