StartMeApp Launching Global Ad-Serving Platform

The headlines are already rolling out of Barcelona today.

On Monday, as Mobile World Congress 2013 gets underway, StartMeApp – a Latin America-based powerhouse in global mobile advertising – is heralding the Beta launch of its new “world-class mobile advertising platform.”

The company said in a press release that its platform leverages advanced mobile traffic-targeting and a unique real-time-bidding (RTB) algorithm to provide advertisers and content publishers the highest available ROI in the global mobile advertising marketplace through seamless interaction with ad exchanges and media platforms worldwide.

StartMeApp’s new platform provides access to all leading buy-side mobile ad networks and exchanges worldwide and connects with all major global sell-side providers of rich-media apps and mobile content, including carrier on portal audience, mobile web sites and WAP sites, as well as applications traffic.

For now, it’s in beta-testing with a limited set of advertising partners. StartMeApp says its new network will go live with full functionality in the second quarter of this year.

“StartMeApp’s focus on value-based criteria, guaranteeing ARPU and maximizing ROI with our new RTB ad-serving platform, is part of the ‘game changing’ shift taking place in the mobile advertising industry today,” says Alejandro Campos Carlés, StartMeApp Co-Managing Director and Founder.