Starbucks Mobile Payments Draw 3 Million Customers

If there’s anything to which Starbucks customers are more addicted than caffeine, it’s Starbucks’ new mobile payment system.

Only two short months ago, Starbucks rolled out a branded mobile payments system through the Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone and BlackBerry applications, which can be used at nearly 7,000 Starbucks across the US.

Now, the results are in.

This week, Starbucks announced that some 3 million coffee-crazy customers have purchased their morning joe using Starbucks Card Mobile.

The announcement was made by chairman and CEO Howard Schultz during the Starbucks annual meeting of shareholders in Seattle.

“Starbucks now offers the nation’s largest mobile payment network,” added Brady Brewer, vice president of Starbucks.

Schultz, however, maintains that both mobile payments and social networking will remain vital aspects of the company’s “blueprint for growth” in the future.

At present, Starbucks boasts 29 million Facebook fans and an equally massive support base on Twitter and Foursquare.