Starbucks Brews Up Massive Mobile Gains

Java juggernaut Starbucks continues to make gains in mobile.

The coffee king said this week that 10 million customers are now active users of Starbucks’ mobile apps, many of whom contribute to the 4 million mobile payment transactions the company records each week.

“As I’ve shared with you before we are witnessing a seismic change in consumer behavior due to the emergence of social and digital platforms and the significance and ubiquity of mobile as a consumer plateau and Starbucks remains on the very leading edge of all of these developments,” says Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO.

“The revenue and operating leverage provided by the scale and synergies among our digital card loyalty mobile and social platforms provides us with strong core muscle in our U.S. business and increasingly in multiple channels and markets across the globe,” he added.

The Starbucks boss revealed that the company is adding approximately 80,000 new “My Starbucks Rewards” customers weekly. If this pace continues, there may be as many as 9 million enrolled members in the popular rewards program before the end of 2013.