Starbucks Brews Some Support for Apple Pay

Starbucks Brews Some Support for Apple PayThis week, Starbucks — the java genius who embraced mobile before mobile was cool — announced its support for Apple Pay.

But it’s limited support, in all.

Although Starbucks has imbued its mobile app with Apple Pay, VentureBeat confirms that it will be a “long time before the caffeine pusher adds support for Apple’s mobile payment app in store.”

The latest app update means that iPhone users can upload payment info onto their Starbucks app through Apple Pay.
“Now you can use Apple Pay to quickly reload your Starbucks Card,” the coffee king says of its app. “Touch ID makes it faster than ever.”

Given how much time and effort Starbucks has put into building its mobile payment processing experience at checkout, Apple Pay will not be used by customers when its time to pay at the register.