Starbucks Brewing a Good Buy for the Square Card Reader

Starbucks has taken an even deeper plunge into the mobile space with its latest commitment to the Square credit card reader.

Just eight weeks removed from the start of Starbucks new effort to allow consumers to pay for their drinks and goodies through the Square Wallet application, the java giant has now also begun selling the actual card reader in its 7,000 stores.

The readers let users accept credit and debit card payments from individuals and are free after rebate.

“We have a lot of small business owners who do business in our stores,” a Starbucks rep. tells Adweek. “So we wanted to offer them the reader for their business needs. And it just seemed like a good natural next step in our relationship with Square.”

So far, Square has been a big hit for Starbucks and across some other 30,000 retail locations. Beyond Starbucks, Square Wallet can be used in stores ranging Walmart and Target, to Walgreens and Radio Shack.