StackAdapt Taps TripleLift for Native Programmatic Direct

StackAdapt Taps TripleLift for Native Programmatic DirectThis just in: StackAdapt has tapped TripleLift to improve native programmatic direct.

“Even though we see the programmatic native advertising ecosystem evolving similar to other ad formats, we also see many advertisers and publishers looking for more transparency and control over where and which content is delivered to users,” said StackAdapt CEO Ildar Shar. “Programmatic direct is a massive trend in video and we are seeing native advertising starting to shape up in that direction, too.”

Shar said the firm tapped TripleLift because of its scale and the fact that “they are the only native programmatic technology that supports custom DealIDs that other exchanges don’t currently offer.”

The move to accommodate native advertising — whether via new tech or new partnerships — is a growing phenomenon.

“The majority of U.S. publishers either already offer native advertising, or plan to adopt it in the coming year,” according to a provided statement from the company. “TripleLift works closely with hundreds of publishers like The Atlantic, Conde Nast’s Food Innovation Group, and USA TODAY Sports to help monetize cross-platform properties through non-interruptive, image-driven advertisements. In turn, StackAdapt works with brands to help them reach users with branded content through audience targeting.”

In short, it means the companies will do their part to bolster the industry-wide adoption of “content as a means to connect with consumers, and native advertising as a channel for its distribution.”