Square’s Valuation Inching Closer to $4 Billion

Square’s valuation could easily top $4 billion after its next infusion of investor capital.

According to a report published Wednesday in All Things D, the mobile payments juggernaut will have quadrupled its worth in just ten months if that lofty valuation is attained.

While that would be astonishing for a three-year-old company, it’s important to note that negotiations continue, and that investors could ultimately value the company at a slightly more modest number.

That “more modest” number, however, would be more like $3 billion.

Rumors of another round of funding for Square were sparked by Jack Dorsey’s reported recent meetings with prominent, well-connected investors who are said to be interested in plunking down no shortage of big bucks to help take Square to the next level.

Although Square continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it still faces substantial pressure from major competitors in the space like Intuit, PayPal, and other start-ups that may soon become giants in this flourishing industry.