Square Seeing Double in Mobile User Base

Life is twice as nice these days for the team at Square, the mobile payments startup that is rapidly changing the landscape of traditional commerce.

According to an announcement form the company Thursday, more than two million individuals and businesses are now able to accept credit cards with Square.

The growth Square has been able to achieve is truly remarkable when you consider the amount of competition that has emerged in the last twelve months.

In its first year of availability, one million individuals adopted Square as their solution for taking card payments. Now in just six months, Square has doubled to two million users and processes over $6 billion in payments on an annualized basis.

“Square’s incredibly simple and convenient solution meets the needs of every type of business,” says Square COO Keith Rabois. “With more than 80 percent of Americans using credit cards, making payments with Square is becoming part of everyday life.”

And it appears the growth has only just begun.