Square Confirms Massive Mobile Payments Deal with Starbucks

Starbucks fans are waking up to more than just the smell of coffee brewing.

On Wednesday morning, news broke that Square – the hugely popular mobile payments platform – has reached an epic deal with Starbucks.

This fall, Square CEO Jack Dorsey admits, Square will begin processing credit and debit card transactions at every Starbucks store in the United States.

As the app and corresponding services grow more sophisticated, customers will eventually be able to place their orders just by stating their names into their device with the app running.

“When Starbucks builds the Square Directory into their apps and in-store Digital Network, it gives Square new visibility, driving more customers to opt-in to Square,” Dorsey said in an email announcing the deal with Starbucks. “And with nearly 7,000 Starbucks stores soon accepting Square, these new payers will be able to find your business (including coffeehouses) and pay with their name, building community and creating value.”

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