Square Comes Full Circle with New Online Marketplace for eCommerce

Mobile payments domination isn’t enough for Square.

Today, the Jack Dorsey-founded company confirmed plans to expand into digital retail with an online marketplace of its own.

Directly challenging such heavyweights as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, the new Square Market will empower small businesses and artisans to sell their products online sans the time and expenses associated with designing and maintaining their own eCommerce websites.

Bring your local business to customers anywhere in the United States. Apply a shipping cost to each item you sell, then ship however you choose.

“Creating an online marketplace is our next step in making commerce easy for everyone,” Ajit Varma, Square’s director of discovery, said in a statement.

Square says there is no monthly, listing, or setup fees, just one rate per sale.

To learn more or to review the Square Market’s official website, click here.