Square Blasts PayPal For ‘Not Caring’

On Tuesday, Square executive Steve DeWald – head of strategic planning and analysis – took a huge swipe at mobile payments titan PayPal.

And it got ugly.

The problem started when DeWald was asked if Square ever considered working or partnering with PayPal.

According to an article on PYMNTS.com, “PayPal isn’t exactly the type of company Square is seeking to partner with.”

“I don’t think we would ever consider working with PayPal in any capacity,” DeWald said. “Our cultures are too different and fundamentally incompatible… PayPal is a part of the problem. They’re just another card processor that doesn’t care about their customers. I think they did a good job at enabling online payments in the beginning, but they’ve since fallen short of their vision and stagnated. As Elon recently pointed out they haven’t innovated in almost a decade.”

Following these clearly controversial statements, DeWald made it clear that his options do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his company. He was simply speaking his own mind.

Do you think DeWald will get away with these comments or will PayPal respond? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.