Spritz Aims to Reinvent Reading on Mobile Devices

Spritz Aims to Reinvent Reading on Mobile DevicesMMW was briefed Monday morning by the team at Spritz, makers of an innovative text streaming technology built to reinvent the way people read.

Hours ago, the company formally launched at Mobile World Congress and touted its technology that enhances reading on mobile and wearable devices.

Spritz’s technology is designed to remove the “inconvenience” of scrolling, swiping, squinting and pinching to read on your devices by streaming individual words, one by one, at the user’s desired speed.

Developed and tested for over three years with deep roots in science and data, Spritz enables the brain to focus on each word, promoting faster reading speeds and higher information retention rates.

This method makes communication faster, easier and more effective by removing the inefficient eye movements associated with traditional reading. The first use of Spritz will be implemented in an email application for the Samsung Gear 2 and Galaxy S5 smartphone.

With the growth of wearable devices, Spritz says its patent-pending technology will enable Samsung device users to read emails comfortably and conveniently- one streaming word at a time.

“We’re reinventing the way people read by eliminating the obstacles associated with traditional reading on mobile devices,” says Co-Founder and CEO Frank Waldman. “As smart devices continue to change shape and become increasingly smaller, Spritz enables users to read comfortably and conveniently. Our technology can be used to read emails, text messages, social media streams, maps or web content and can be integrated onto any mobile device – the options are almost limitless. Reading has never been easier, more efficient or more effective.”