Sprint: The Most ‘Entertaining’ Operator?

Sprint wants to be the mobile operator that gives consumers the best entertainment experience possible.

This week, amidst a mobile content feeding frenzy at CES, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier announced the launch of Entertain ME, a service within the Sprint Zone application.

Sprint says Entertain ME provides customers (or at least those with select Android smartphones) a single place to discover, purchase, listen to and personalize their entertainment experience for both music and mobile TV.

According to the details presented by Sprint, Entertain ME features Sprint TV & Movies and Sprint Music Plus and mobile entertainment leaders Spotify, Slacker, iHeartRadio, Shazam and Rumpus.

“Entertain ME makes it easy for customers to search for, listen to and watch what they want, and Sprint’s unlimited data plans mean customers don’t have to worry about surprises on their monthly bill from data overage charges like they might with shared data plans from AT&T or Verizon,” said Fared Adib, senior vice president of product development and operations at Sprint. “Entertain ME also delivers a great discovery mechanism for the third-party services we feature there.”

If you’re a Sprint customer, how would you rate the carrier as a provider of entertainment and multimedia content?