Sprint Secures Mobile Deal with NuWin Enterprises

On Tuesday, NuWin Enterprises rolled out the red carpet for its new Billing Mediation Platform (BMP).

The medium is designed to allow carriers to “leverage their valuable billing assets” in order to develop specialty storefronts that can target specific demographics with content and applications that are relevant to customers.

And Sprint is stepping up to the plate to give this platform its endorsement.

Sprint is the first carrier to deploy the NuWin BMP and is using the solution to easily on-board vendors to its billing platform and manage seat licensing charges at the account level..

According to the promotional material shared by NuWin, carriers can use the BMP to create business application marketplaces, develop competing services to popular operating system storefronts, or support niche marketplaces for SMBs.

“Carriers own one of the most valuable assets in the mobile ecosystem – their billing. Across the top three U.S. carriers, more than 250 million customers receive a monthly bill. When managed and deployed correctly, this asset can be leveraged to create revenue for carriers, encourage innovation that drive new revenue opportunities, and deliver new services to customers with limited investments,” said Tan Nguyen, President of NuWin Enterprises.