Sprint October Employee Vacation Blackout Teases iPhone 5 Release

Reports have surfaced that Sprint has begun a company-wide retail employee vacation blackout between September 30th and October 15th.

With the considerable hype surrounding a probable iPhone arrival to the Sprint network, many are taking reports of this “blackout” period as a tell-tale indication of the iPhone 5’s release window.

A source close to sprint tells Mobile Marketing Watch, however, that the aforementioned two-week blackout window is simply the carrier’s best guesstimate as to when the iPhone 5 will debut.

According to the source with whom I spoke, Apple executives have not yet determined the date on which they will unveil the 5th generation iPhone. More specifically, the release date itself is firm, but the date of Apple’s media event to unveil and preview the device is still yet to be determined.

As reports early last week revealed, all signs now point to Sprint offering the iPhone 5 this fall.

The carrier looks to distinguish itself from its US competitors (AT&T and Verizon) by offering its base of 50+ million subscribers an unlimited data plan for the Apple smartphone.