Sprint and NBC Join Forces for “Heroes”

NBC – struggling with low ratings – is hoping for a boost from their partnership with sprint and a forthcoming ten-week mobile event.

Beginning later this month, an original “Heroes” story will unfold every week on the multiple platforms of NBC.com and Sprint.

According to the official word, a 30-second on-air scene will launch the effort and then direct viewers to learn more about the characters through interactive online games, stories, clues and, of course, a broad spectrum of mobile content.

NBC says the campaign will include interactive SMS in real time with the network broadcast as well as storylines that will provide clues to Sprint subscribers that they will need to solve a $25,000 sweepstakes mystery.

NBC.com and Sprint will also offer:

– Graphic novels for mobile devices

– A “Heroes” survival game

– One-minute scenes airing online directly tied to the on-air

– Carnival storyline micro-site

The campaign begins September 28th.