Sprint Allegedly Putting Cellular Repeaters into Apple Stores Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

It’s yet another compelling clue that the iPhone is coming to Sprint this fall in the United States. According to published reports that began surfacing late last week, Sprint has begun installing cellular repeaters in Apple Stores.

For weeks, we’ve been hearing that the nation’s third largest mobile carrier will begin offering the popular Apple touchscreen handset this fall. And it now appears that this burning rumor is about to become a cold hard fact.

According to a source quoted in BeatWeek, at least one Apple Retail store has been seen getting a new Sprint cellular repeater installed.

“One thing I can tell you is that the electrical contractor that I work for is contracted to install Sprint repeaters,” the source reveals, adding that the Apple Store in question is getting equipment optimized for CDMA and 4G (Sprint).” This situation clearly suggests that Apple wants iPhone 5 buyers “to put the device through its paces on the Sprint network” while they are still in the store.

Shortly after the Verizon iPhone was introduced in January of this year, rumors surfaced that Sprint was next. It now looks like a foregone conclusion that reports ten months in the making will be validated within the next four to six weeks.