Sprint Activates More 4G LTE Markets Across the U.S.

Sprint Activates More 4G LTE Markets Across the U.S.From sea to shining sea, Sprint has just activated an array of new markets, all of which now have access to the carrier’s fast-growing 4G LTE network.

For now, the ultra-fast cellular network has been launched in 17 new markets across the United States.

According to details provided to MMW from Sprint, the new locations include:

  1. Eureka/Arcata/Fortuna, CA
  2. Redding, CA
  3. Bethesda, MD
  4. Dubuque, IA
  5. Danville, IL
  6. Marion/Herrin, IL
  7. Mt. Vernon, IL
  8. Hopkinsville, KY
  9. Rochester, MN
  10. Hattiesburg, MS
  11. Auburn, NY
  12. Buffalo, NY
  13. Utica, NY
  14. Bloomsburg/Berwick, PA
  15. Indiana, PA
  16. Pittsburgh, PA
  17. Eau Claire, WI

Although Sprint still lags behind Verizon and AT&T in the overall reach of 4G LTE coverage, Sprint is catching up surprisingly fast.

To check out the complete list of 4G LTE-supported locations from Sprint, click here.