Sports and Mobile Now Inextricably Linked Says Motricity Survey

A new survey commissioned by Motricity places some pretty compelling data behind a pretty strong suspicion of ours – that sports fans and their mobile devices are in love with one another.

The new study, which looks at sports fans and how they use their smartphones and tablets, calls attention to no shortage of interesting finds.

Incredibly, nearly eight in ten sports fans (79%) have used their mobile device(s) for watching or following sports this past year.

  • 55% can’t wait for the final score and have tracked game scores using their device(s)
  • 87% have given into temptations and checked on a sports during an inappropriate time
  • 50% have gone to the restroom in order to check the score
  • 55% have taken a peek at their device during dinner
  • 23% have disregarded pre-show reminders and checked scores while at the movies

Just how much do sports fans love their mobile devices? 1 in 5 have even dared to check scores during a date. 1 in 7 have checked a score… while at church.

The Motricity Mobile Device Sports Survey was fielded by Wakefield Research among 609 American adults, ages 18 and older who own a smartphone and/or tablet, between February 13th and February 16th, 2012 using an email invitation and an online survey.