Spoofed Emails Still Arriving After AOL Mail Was Hacked

Spoofed Emails Still Arriving After AOL Mail Was HackedAOL Mail was hacked a few weeks ago and users are still seeing emails arrive in their inbox from spoofed email accounts. It was quite a feat to hack AOL Mail as they are a well-established and highly secure email provider. Nonetheless, approximately 1% of AOL Mail account holders were affected by the security breach.

The security breach affected not only AOL Mail users, but the hacker “scrapped” account holders email address books, meaning that the spoofed emails are being received by individuals who hold accounts with all major email providers.

In response to the security breach, AOL Mail changed their DMARC policy to “reject.” This will ensure that mail that did not truly come from an AOL server will not be delivered to the end recipient. This change should eliminate the vast majority of the spoofed bulk emails that are being sent.

While only 1% of AOL users were affected by this hack, #aolhack was one of the highest ranking Twitter trends for days after the security breach.