Splice Machine, RedPoint Deliver ‘Big Data’ Digital Marketing Platform

Splice Machine, RedPoint Deliver 'Big Data' Digital Marketing PlatformSplice Machine, provider of The Hadoop RDBMS, has formed a “strategic partnership” with RedPoint Global, a data management and digital marketing software leader, to bring its customers something new.

What exactly is the new offering? A complete omni-channel marketing solution for Big Data.

With massively scalable database technology from Splice Machine and next-generation, cross-channel marketing and data quality technology from RedPoint, the partnership delivers the first marketing platform that can use Big Data to power the hyper-personalized, real-time interactions needed to engage today’s omni-channel customer.

“Marketers have traditionally planned their strategies across two dimensions: time and money. Today’s smart marketers compete on three dimensions: data, time and money,” said Monte Zweben, CEO of Splice Machine.

“Together with RedPoint,” Zweben adds, “we are giving companies the ability to harvest data to dynamically create 360-degree views of their customers, and communicate relevant offers and messages that engage and delight customers across all touch points in real time. Our partnership with RedPoint provides a highly scalable, omni-channel marketing application for marketers.”