Spireon and Sprint Team Up for Mobile Targeting

Spireon and Sprint Team Up for Mobile TargetingOn Tuesday, MMW was briefed on a new partnership between Spireon and Sprint.

The formation of their relationship is based on a mutual goal to provide Spireon’s FleetLocate-branded mobile resource management solutions to fleet operators utilizing the Sprint network.

“FleetLocate solutions enable companies to maximize productivity, improve operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line through more effective management of assets, trailers and service fleets,” Spireon said in a provided statement.

The partners insist that this collaboration provides an unparalleled combination of leading MRM technology, wireless connectivity and industry expertise that can help businesses keep tabs on their fleet vehicles and other valuable assets, improve asset usage, and reduce loss and theft.

In short, Sprint business sales teams will offer Spireon’s FleetLocate solutions.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this strategic agreement between Sprint and Spireon offers to our companies and to the marketplace,” says Mohamad Nasser, director of M2M Product, Platforms & Marketing for Sprint. “Spireon is a recognized leader in MRM, delivering powerful solutions with actionable data all wrapped in a simple package with a unique focus on helping customers realize their maximum ROI.”