Spindle Launches ‘Yowza!! Beacon’ Program for Retailers

Spindle Launches ‘Yowza!! Beacon’ Program for RetailersSpindle, Inc., a provider of mobile commerce solutions, announced it is now welcoming retailers into its new “Yowza!! Beacon” marketing program.

Merchants that enroll in Spindle’s “Yowza!! Offers” mobile marketing service can also take advantage of innovative beaconing technology for a flat monthly fee of $10 per retail location, regardless of the number of beacons deployed in each site.

The company believes this competitive pricing model positions Yowza!! Beacon as “a cost effective proximity marketing platform for enrolled merchants.”

“Spindle will work with individual merchants to establish a specific customized beaconing strategy,” a statement provided to MMW reads. “Among the initiatives included are determining the number of beacon transmitters for each location; the selection of hardware, which is priced separately; system implementation; content management; and tutorials on how to effectively leverage an ongoing beacon-driven campaign.”

How does it work?

Beacon transmitters allow merchants to deliver offers and rich media content to in-store shoppers via the customer’s mobile phone. Content for these on-site messages can be customized, ranging from product-based videos to electronic coupons and corporate messaging. This creates a new level of engagement between merchant and consumer, designed to generate on-site sales through beacon-based messages.

Beaconing technologies can be applied in a variety of retail environments, including inside and in the vicinity of brick-and-mortar stores, hospitality and restaurant settings, and professional services providers — virtually anyplace in which customers can take advantage of an on-the-spot interaction.

“We’re extremely excited about the potential of beaconing in retail, restaurants, hospitality and professional services environments, and are eager to help our merchants reap the benefits of this new technology,” said Bill Clark, chief executive officer at Spindle. “We have several companies committed to pilots this holiday season and we are developing strategies with merchants in a selection of service areas.”

Clark thinks the special pricing should help merchants.

“We feel it is important to announce the new pricing guidelines, particularly as merchants begin their 2015 planning,” noted Clark. “By delivering these solutions in a low-cost pricing model, we are confident that many merchants will gravitate to beacons and leverage their unique ability to significantly grow revenue and enhance customer service.”