Sparkfly Partners with Groupon for POS Innovation

Sparkfly Partners with Groupon for POS InnovationFrom mobile payments to QR codes, the modern check-out experience is changing dramatically in the U.S. and around the world today.

Driving further innovation in this process are Sparkfly and Groupon.

Through the integration of Sparkfly’s platform that gathers first-party, real-time media attribution and item-level purchase data at the point of sale, Groupon can now offer its large retail accounts the ability to measure the effectiveness and provide deep consumer insights into Groupon’s offer redemption.

We’re told that Groupon is the first national partner in the local commerce space to integrate the capabilities provided by Sparkfly.

The in-depth data that Groupon and its merchant partners will gather from Sparkfly’s platform will allow them to optimize offers based on actual results and provide far more visibility into the effectiveness of a given offer.

“Groupon is gaining a true strategic advantage by providing its national merchants with access to first party redemption data that they can’t get anywhere else,” said Catherine Tabor, CEO and founder of Sparkfly. “Integrating this capability into the Groupon app not only upgrades the redemption experience for both consumers and merchants, it also provides Groupon and its merchants with a simple and elegant solution for addressing fraud by being able to track all the details of how and when offers are redeemed in real-time.”