Spanking the Spammers? Yes, Truecaller Lets You Do That with ‘Truemessenger’ App

Spanking the Spammers Yes, Truecaller Lets You Do That with ‘Truemessenger’ AppDon’t you hate it when you get those texts from an unknown number, with or without a vague “name,” that you don’t recognize and can’t possibly verify as legit?

Help could be on the way. And you don’t even have to text 911.

Truecaller, a mobile call management company, has just released its “Truemessenger,” an app which the company claims will make texing smarter and more social. And it’s currently free to download on Google Play.

“The purpose of Truemessenger is to put a name, and even a face, to every incoming number,” reports ConsumerAffairs.

“It helps you filter and block spam by tapping into vibrant community of more than 150 million members who help protect one another from annoying intrusions,” Truecaller said this week in a release to the press.

How does this work?

“When you receive a text, the app, which is integrated with Truecaller’s network of 1.7 billion numbers worldwide, scans social networks and automatically assigns photos, nicknames, and other contact information to the incoming message,” notes Truecaller.

Best of all, the app also allows you to set up your own spam rules, just like you can with email. SMS spam is either filtered out of your inbox or blocked altogether. You have less clutter in your inbox and aren’t left guessing who might be trying to reach you.

Truecaller contends that spam accounts for 15 percent of all SMS messages sent — about 1.2 trillion spam messages each year. According to the company’s data, in the U.S. market, while there are plenty of other communication options, texting is still the most-used app, making it a prime target for telemarketers and fraudsters.

You know, the guys who SMS you about “free” gift card offers, get rich quick marketing promotions, and outright phishing scams?

“If you happen to be the target of an anonymous cyber-bully who texts hateful messages, the app can gather and present quite a bit of information about your tormentor,” contends the company.

Truecaller says its Truemessenger app gives users the ability to detect, block, and report spam alongside other Truecaller members. Users also have the option to avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts.

“We are in the middle of the Wild West in terms of spam messages we receive on our mobile phone, and despite the evolution of services in other areas, little has been done to curb the number of spam messages we receive on a daily basis,” said Alan Mamedi, the CEO and co-founder of Truecaller.

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