Spanish Mobile Advertising Campaign For Audi Sees 50,000 Impressions In A Matter Of Days

A recent mobile advertising campaign for Audi’s new A1 model in Spain achieved impressive results in a matter of days using a rich media video ad unit recently introduced by TAPTAP Networks and GoldSpot Media — two leading mobile video solution providers in Spain.

The new format used in the Audi campaign is the result of a recent collaboration between the aforementioned companies, including interstitial video and video banners ads.  At the heart of the solution is a way to re-purpose TV commercials into mobile video campaigns for mobile apps and the mobile Web.  Both video solutions allow users to watch a commercial on their mobile device while loading at app startup or while navigating through apps.

The campaign in question was ran in Spain’s leading iPhone sports application, and engaged users with a full-screen video interstitial upon starting the app. The campaign quickly saw huge success, garnering more than 50,000 impressions in just a few days and achieving more than eight seconds of average viewing time per user.

“We’re extremely happy with the initial campaign results.  Many more top tier brands are interested in trying these new video formats in the short term,” said Alvaro del Castillo, CEO of TAPTAP Networks.  “Advertisers are looking for new ways to stand out in a fragmented media landscape and we’ve found that mobile video provides the best opportunity to generate great awareness and strong brand recognition with the mobile audience.”