Spain’s Mobile Marketing Industry Reaches New Heights

Spain’s Mobile Marketing Industry Reaches New HeightsWhile the U.S. and Great Britain have consistently led the way for mobile marketing’s growth, Spain has made huge leaps in the mobile marketing world in recent years.

With more consumers than ever using mobile devices in the European nation, Spanish marketers are focusing their efforts on the mobile platform and learning how to engage users on the small screen.

The Mobile Marketing Association in Spain recently studied mobile marketing trends over the last year and discovered that mobile ad spending topped 110 million Euros last year alone, which is almost 20% higher than the previous year.

What makes these numbers particularly telling is that mobile marketing continues to expand despite the fact that Spain’s economy is still hurting from the last economic downturn that ravaged Europe. Spending in all other sectors has decreased, while mobile marketing has actually increased. These spikes are also higher than what most experts predicted for this year.

While mobile marketing budgets are indeed ballooning, Spanish marketers are facing the same challenges as their North American counterparts, namely, how to engage consumers with marketing messages that are relevant and appropriately targeted to the right audience at the right time.