South Africa Takes Mobile Marketing To The Classroom

Apparently there’s more to learn about mobile marketing than we initially realized. There’s so much to learn, in fact, that the UCT graduate school of business has unveiled a course that will teach marketers and business leaders “how to reach the estimated 36-million cell phone users in South Africa.”

On a variety of fronts, South Africa has taken a proactive approach to mobile marketing. From a rising number of mobile marketing firms to the big business that is the mobile industry in South Africa, many analysts point to South Africa as a harbinger of things to come for mobile marketing.

If your interest is peaked by how this course will be structured, I too have my fair share of questions. All we know for sure is that the course is designed to help individuals become better acquainted with mobile marketing and guide them in developing superb communication strategies.

“The explosion in information technology over the past few years means that business today moves at an increasingly fast pace,” says co-director of the course, Dave Duarte. “There is now a great need for marketing campaigns that can keep up with this pace and mobile marketing fills this gap.”

The UCT GSB course will begin late next month.