Sources Say Sprint May Acquire T-Mobile

Sources Say Sprint May Acquire T-MobileCan Sprint succeed where AT&T failed?

According to a string of published reports surfacing over the weekend, sources close to Sprint – the nation’s third largest mobile operator – say the company is interested in acquiring T-Mobile, which is something AT&T attempted and failed to do just two short years ago.

If Sprint pulls it off, the WSJ notes, it would result in the nation being dominated by just three separate carriers.

A merger of the third and fourth largest U.S. carriers would create a sizable competitor to industry leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc. But it would likely face tough opposition from antitrust authorities, who worry consumers could suffer without a fourth national competitor to keep a check on prices.

In fact, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler recently stated that “the mobile business is today, with four carriers, a competitive business, and it’s important it stay that way.”