SourceKnowledge’s Cloud-Based SaaS Platform Designed to Increase User Acquisition and Conversion

bd-case-study-2-1467658140SourceKnowledge, a performance advertising technology company, has just launched a full featured interface for users of its cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform Engage.

“Brands, mobile app publishers, eCommerce companies, and data-driven marketers will benefit when it comes to improving customer acquisition, conversion and activation,” a provided announcement reads.

The value of Engage? For starters, it gives marketers an ability to test and optimize their creative in real-time. Analysis of campaigns’ return on ad spend is conducted by evaluating post-click behavior.

“Engage lets marketers optimize and report on core business metrics like average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV) as opposed to traditional media buying metrics like viewability, completion rate and click-through rate (CTR),” notes the company. “It also enables advertisers to access granular campaign insights using using specific post-click intent data.”

SourceKnowledge wants Engage to empower increasingly savvy advertisers so they can gain control and devise campaign delivery that’s more effective.

“SourceKnowledge built Engage to meet the need of brands that are bringing programmatic in-house such as eCommerce and mobile game publishers, whose business models require detailed tracking and conversion of the highest qualified customers over a general assessment of brand awareness,” said SourceKnowledge president and co-founder Patrick Hopf. “Plugging their marketing departments directly into the platform has given them the ability to focus even more on performance by building high performing custom audience cohorts instead of relying on hunches.”

Engage also allows clients to leverage video and display assets across the prospect, re-marketing, and optimization phases of a campaign on mobile and desktop devices.