Sound as Important as Sight in Mobile's Future

Sound as Important as Sight in Mobile's FutureWhen it comes to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, ample attention is always paid to the device’s screen quality. With buzzwords like “Retina display” only heightening the hype surrounding screen resolution superiority, it’s easy to forget about another hugely important mobile device attribute – audio quality.

Feature phones, smartphones, and tablets shipped more than 1.9 billion units combined in 2013. However, the quality of audio experience hasn’t kept pace with other mobile advancements making it the Achilles’ heel.

That’s according to new research from market intelligence firm ABI Research.

Based on the report’s findings, next-generation devices are poised to deliver high-definition voice capability and a surge in smart audio accessories will result in users spending a greater portion of the waking day with their devices.

“How is it that the mobile device market has managed to become so large and important, yet fail to impress when it comes to the quality of the audio experience?” asks senior practice director Jeff Orr.”As users customize and personalize their mobile device, they increasingly want a better audio experience.”

Fortunately, the report notes, multiple initiatives are now underway to “revolutionize the mobile device audio experience.”

The big innovation for mobile devices is the emergence of smart audio accessories that not only bring audio closer to the user, but, “Deliver on the promise of the wearables market with an immersive computing experience that is both fun and useful,” adds Orr.