Sony Hints at New Smart Watch Coming Soon

As MMW has reported in recent months, a major potential smart watch battle is brewing among the top names in tech.

With rumored entrants to this market including everyone from Apple to Microsoft, it comes as no surprise that Sony is also said to be accelerating plans to get in the game and establish an early foothold.

Sony has recently begun hyping the debut of a smart watch wrist-worn accessory at the Mobile Asia Expo, potentially expanding its role in a market that Apple is rumored to be eyeing.
Among other promotional Twitter posts advertising products from the Xperia line of devices, Sony’s official Xperia account reminded users last week of the company’s heritage of “wearable tech” specifically referring to the Walkman.

The tweets also mention their existing wearable Android devices including the SmartWatch, calling it the “only wearable device with 200 #firstgen apps on @GooglePlay.”

The Japanese electronics manufacturer then tweeted a statistic that found that one in three people are looking for a wrist watch that would pair with their smartphone.

Though potential watches from Apple, Google and Samsung have made headliners for many months, Sony has been offering a watch product since 2007. In 2010, the company released the Sony Ericcson LiveView, a device which was panned by most critics and didn’t feature a touch display.

Last year, Sony replaced the LiveView with the Xperia SmartWatch, a device which pairs with Android devices running the LiveView app and can run other apps from the Google Play store.