Sonos Places Huge Bet On Apple’s iAd, Dedicates Large Portion Of Marketing Spend

While some advertisers are bailing on Apple’s iAd platform in search of cheaper and less troublesome alternatives, Sonos — a maker of high-end, Internet-connected speaker systems — has dedicated a large percentage of its marketing spend to a new iAd touting its “S5” speaker system.

What’s interesting is that with Apple’s notorious $1 million minimum buy, it’s easy to see why big-name early-adopters like Nissan, Unilever and AT&T were able to take the risk.  With Sonos, a much smaller privately-held enterprise, spending a minimum of $1 million on one ad on one platform is taking a sizable risk.  Sonos wouldn’t specify how much it’s spending on iAds, but a rep said it’s a “major % of marketing spend for us.”

The products Sonos sells are highly targeted to iOS users, so the company likely turned to iAds to reach its target audience in the largest way possible.  Still, it’s a big bet to make for a relatively small company.  The iAd that’s been created is actually pretty impressive, but only time will tell if they see a return on this massive investment.  Here’s a video of the iAd in action…