Sonobi Building Mammoth Addressable Digital Marketplace

Sonobi, an independent technology firm, confirmed to MMW on Monday that its cookie-less addressable marketplace has grown to over 150 million logged-in, plannable users — a number it expects to double by year end.

With over 50% of the comScore 250 integrated, including publishers such as The Weather Company an IBM Business, Penske Media Corp., and NY Daily News, we’re told that Sonobi’s addressable solution now reaches more of the US population than either Snapchat or Twitter.  

According to a provided statement, this milestone helps underscore Sonobi’s ongoing mission to bring a clear alternative to the walled gardens.

“In order to bring the value of what the walled gardens provide it’s crucial that publishers have the ability to create value through addressability and efficiency. Sonobi is the bridge, bringing together technology and content to provide cookie-less people-based solutions for premium media brands,” said Michael Connolly, CEO at Sonobi. “Currently, the technology that exists in the broader marketplace is unable to guarantee an ad was delivered to a real person. Our JetStream™ technology is the single solution to buy directly from a publisher, offering a standard that’s addressable, scalable and efficient, and most importantly, in a premium content environment.”

Within the current digital media landscape, the vast majority of growth is being driven into the “walled gardens.” Even with increased awareness around the inherent risks user-generated content poses for advertisers, publishers are working harder than ever to establish value in their voice and avoid being replaced by platforms without premium content and voice.

Sonobi, we’re told, addresses these market challenges by enabling publishers and brands to create effective, quantifiable advertising experiences, engaging the people they want to reach within the content that they care about across the internet.

“You have to look at it as a set of tools we have available to us to get closer to a 1:1 conversation with consumers, all of which we welcome,”  said Steve Katelman, EVP of global strategic partnerships at Omnicom Media Group. “Facebook hasn’t provided a buying platform to access independent publishers with transparency/control over price. I see platforms like Liveramp, Neustar and others like the solution that Sonobi is offering or publisher consortia, providing approaches to translating 1st party customer data into user segments that ad platforms can understand for buying on independent publishers, programmatically, based on a more verified concept of identity. And we will leverage those options to the extent that they provide addressability on inventory that sits outside the walled gardens.”