Sonata Launches Mobile Platform

Sonata Launches Mobile PlatformThe team at Sonata, a subsidiary of the premium European advertising network, TAPTAP, says they are launching the first geo-contextual and geo-behavioral global advertising platform.

This effort further advances mobile audience targeting, we’re told.

The Sonata platform offers brands the ability to build custom audience segments based on consumers’ location patterns.

This methodology improves the accuracy of a brand’s targeting because it is based on actual consumer behavior as well as additional contextual characteristics, allowing brands to accurately attribute mobile advertising to real world results.

“Where you are is who you are,” said Alvaro del Castillo, CEO of TAPTAP Networks. “Location history brings unique behavioral data that is closely related to our interests at a point in time. Our technology takes us a step further; it enables brands to attribute digital efforts with real world results and optimize and retarget from there. Global, national and local brands are now able to measure real return on ad spend in the digital and physical world within one platform.”