Something Funny is Coming to Your Mobile Phone

Mobile streaming media provider Buzzwire announced on Friday their new syndication deal with RooftopComedy, and interactive comedy content provider that facilitates one-click mobile access to original digital programming and viral videos.

Buzzwire struck the deal with excellent timing as the new mobile service launches in conjunction with the Aspen RooftopComedy Festival that takes place this weekend. The event will begin with selected two-minute mobile video clips from many of today’s best undiscovered comedians.

Buzzwire’s new service will also feature stand-up clips from comedy clubs across the United States and Great Britain. This feature will allow subscribers to create their own personalized mobile media channels and share favorite clips with other mobile phone users, particularly family and friends.

Starting this weekend, anyone can gain access to RooftopComedy clips through Buzzwire online at And – but for only a limited time, Buzzwire will offer a free trial to those who text “rooftop” to 42107.

According to their website, Buzzwire is a mobile streaming media service that turns any mobile phone into a “me” phone. Whether you want your favorite Internet videos, home town sports scores, “anywhere in the world” news, or even the Las Vegas police scanner, Buzzwire can stream it to your phone.