Some Mobile Marketing Insight from InsightExpress

According to an interesting report from digital marketing research firm InsightExpress, mobile subscribers can be “segmented into three distinct behavioral profiles – Mobile Pioneers, Mobile Wannabes and Mobile Traditionalists – that characterize the extremes of their consumer behaviors.”

The study shows that Mobile Pioneers – 15 percent of the total market- lead their peers in adopting advanced features like the mobile web and other unique applications. Most are under 35, many own smartphones, and most are single males. Mobile Wannabes – 25% of the market – have tinkered with “advanced features” and are interested in using them further. Approximately half are under 35, and only a fraction own smartphones. Mobile Traditionalists, however, comprise a whopping 60% of the market and, as expected, use their mobile phones only for voice and texting purposes. Most Traditionalists are over 35 years of age.

Other noteworthy results of the InsightExpress study:

  • 62 percent of Mobile Pioneers have sent text messages to someone in the same room, compared to 39 percent of Wannabes and 26 percent of Traditionalists
  • 57 percent of Pioneers have taken photos of a product using their phone and sent it to someone to get an opinion, compared to 30 percent of Wannabes and 16 percent of Traditionalists
  • 79 percent of Pioneers have taught someone else how to use mobile phone features, compared to 65 percent of Wannabes
  • Mobile Pioneers and Wannabes alike agree that most advertising is relevant to them, that products that are advertised are a lot better than ones that are not advertised at all, and that advertising keeps them up-to-date on products they would like to purchase
  • Mobile Pioneers are most likely to have walked into something or someone while using their device, and most likely to have thrown their mobile phone at someone or something

“Knowing which type of mobile consumer you are contacting, or want to contact, is a big piece of the mobile marketing puzzle,” said InsightExpress director of mobile research Joy Liuzzo in a prepared statement. “The Wannabes are especially fascinating since they are eager to learn about and use advanced features.”