Some Interesting iPad Release Stats, iPhone OS 4.0 Is Up Next

Some Interesting iPad Release Stats, iPhone OS 4.0 Is Up NextThough there’s no shortage of iPad news regarding the extreme success Saturday’s launch proved, here’s a few interesting tidbits gathered from the numerous reports coming out this morning.

Apple stated in a press release that roughly 300,000 iPads were sold on Saturday alone, with new owners downloading 3 new apps and at least one book on average within hours of unboxing their new toy.  All in all, well over a million iPad apps were downloaded on Saturday alone, plus 250,00+ books within hours of the iPad being launched into the wild.

Though it was hard to beat the launch of the original iPhone and the subsequent 3GS, it was reported that 730 people visited Apple’s Manhattan flagship store on Saturday to purchase the iPad, compared to the 530 people that visited for the iPhone 3G (with 270,000 sold on launch day), and 350 for the iPhone 3GS.

The launch numbers include sales from Apple retail stores, pre-orders and other distribution channels, including Best Buy. Best Buy spokeswoman Paula Baldwin said the electronics retailer wouldn’t comment on specific inventory levels or sales, but generally speaking, iPad supplies at the company’s 673 in-store Apple shops exceeded the expected 15 tablets per store, she said.  Best Buy has more than 1,000 U.S. stores, but only those with Apple shops are carrying the iPad.

What’s interesting is that this only represents WiFi-only models, with the more desirable 3G model still weeks away from availability.  Whether a similar mad-rush will take place, the launch numbers for Saturday are only the first half of the equation.

To keep the ball rolling, Apple also announced an event for this Thursday, April 8th, to give a sneak preview of the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0.  Historically, these events usually take place in March, but was obviously pushed back to allow for the iPad release.  Details are scant, but Apple will undoubtedly try and keep the momentum going through a series of announcements and launches.  Should be an interesting summer that’s for sure.