Solving the Cross-Channel Puzzle: Marketers Coming Up ‘Drastically Short’ Says New Study

Solving the Cross-Channel Puzzle Marketers Coming Up ‘Drastically Short’ Says New Study“Orchestrating The Cross-Channel Experience: How Changes To Data And Measurement Foster Cross-Channel Success” is a new study with sour news for marketers.

The study, commissioned by IgnitionOne and released by Forrester, analyzes the current state of marketing data and channel integration among marketers in the U.S., UK, France, and Germany.


Sadly, only 27 percent of marketers have unified their measurement capabilities to “understand the holistic experience across channels and devices.”

“The majority of firms remain channel-driven and siloed — 67 percent of firms report that employees do not understand how their tasks tie into larger cross-channel goals,” according to IgnitionOne. “Less than 30 percent are using cookies to track customers across touch points.”

“From our experience working with marketers in all types of industries, we have learned the importance that cross-channel initiatives and data collection play in maximizing the customer experience as well as the effectiveness of each marketing interaction,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “Forrester’s research confirms this, also providing a roadmap for marketers to succeed.”

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