Social Networking Made Easier for South Paws in New Facebook Navigation

Facebook is making the world a happier place for our left-handed brothers and sisters of the social networking world (although the change all-but certainly wasn’t made for the exclusive benefit of lefties who will likely appreciate the new navigation more than righties).

Facebook is moving ahead with a restructured left-hand navigation that the social networking giant hopes will make its revamped bookmarks and notifications for Pages, Groups and Apps more “engaging.”

“Today we’re excited to make some of the biggest updates to the apps experience on Facebook since we first launched Platform four years ago,” Facebook announced last week.

We are launching a major redesign to the Canvas Page to give your app greater real-estate on the user’s browser, and including a live ticker of real-time game related updates to keep the users constantly engaged and updated with their friends’ activity on apps and games as they play.

You now have the option to expand the size of your apps based on the user’s screen resolution. Fluid Canvas allows you to make your app left aligned so it takes up the full height and width of the user’s browser. You can enable Fluid Canvas, by selecting ‘fluid’ for ‘Canvas Width’ in your app settings.

The last revamped navigation design came in February 2010. Shortly thereafter, Game and App requests were similarly restructured.