Social Media Spammer Turns Himself Into The FBI

The ultimate guru of Facebook spam is being brought to justice.

On Thursday, a man by the name of Sanford Wallace, who was indicted by a federal grand jury, dropped his fight and turned himself into the FBI.

Whatever did Mr. Wallace do to incur the wrath of the feds?

He allegedly sent 27 million spam messages via Facebook, a process that, according to the LA Times, compromised an estimated half-million registered user accounts.

The message blitzes took place on three separate occasions.

Each time, the 43-year-old Las Vegas resident hacked into then-Palo Alto-based Facebook’s computer network and sent spam programs to users of the popular social networking site, the indictment said.

The LA Times says that Wallace succeeded in getting past the site’s spam filters and infiltrated real accounts, “logging on as strangers and posting the spam messages to their friends’ walls.”

Although Wallance is now free on $100,000 bond, the incident has promoted Facebook to beef up its security and spend even more time erecting safeguards to curb both the frequency and severity of similar attacks.