Social Media Marketing Tip: Consider Response Times

Social media platforms can be, without question, some of the most effective resources in your digital marketing arsenal. But if you’re slow to respond to fans and critics …

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Does Your Social Media Marketing Consider Response TimesSocial media platforms can be, without question, some of the most effective resources in your digital marketing arsenal.

But if you’re slow to respond to fans and critics alike, social media could very well become your worst nightmare.

“When a customer or any random person posts a question, complaint or any type of comment on a company’s Facebook page, that individual has put him or herself out there and is undoubtedly watching and waiting for a response,” says Ellen Gipko of Social Media Today. “A company that doesn’t respond at all looks really bad, as if no one at the company cares. Those businesses need to hire a social media manager or give it up altogether. A social media page without a dedicated attendant is a very sad state of affairs.”

So what are the appropriate response times involved with social media communications and marketing? To learn more, check out this insightful infographic from HubShout shared below.


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    Yes if are promoting your site ir product it is necessary that you must
    not long time to response to the users questions.More faster you will
    react,more effective your impact will be on your site . for more details about online marketing check .

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    We learned to respond quicker for email, now we have to do the same for social media.

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    Crazy how fast a response is expected from social media. Back a few years ago, submitting complaint forms usually had around a 7-day turn around time at minimum. 

    If you utilize social media, you must be willing to stay on top or risk a PR nightmare. If you can do that though, the customers will thank you!

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    Response time is a major expectation for social media campaigns.

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    KJ Crisman It is a bummer for home/work balance if you are a small business, but people are usually just looking for a response not necessarily a solution within that time frame.  So, for example, setting up alerts to get notified via email when you are @mentioned or messaged on Twitter and receive a message or comment on your Facebook business page can help.  You can respond via mobile or farm it out to one of your employees from there, but at least you are aware of the comment before it can get out of hand.

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    This is pretty awesome stuff. I was actually checking a few restaurants out last night and was surprised at the response time of this one restaurant that commented on every post that they had. I was shocked. This will something that will be passed along many of my business peers.

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    KJ Crisman Push notifications and email alerts are good for staying on top of tweets when you’re on the go. It’s not always the best for personal work/life balance to be interrupted on your time off, so as the lone “social media guy” for my last couple of employers, I’ve learned to just check in every so often when I’m not in the office. You can also delegate this responsibility to colleagues when you really need to unplug.

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    So some people expect a quick response even in the evening and on weekends? How would a small business manage that?

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    Really interesting to see that people expect businesses to be active on social media during times when they wouldn’t/shouldn’t necessarily expect any response via phone or e-mail.

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    Everyone’s plugged into social media on their phones, so it definitely makes sense to use SM as a customer service outlet. If I can get help on an issue quick via Twitter or FB, and I don’t have to wait on the phone with some rep in a call center or service dept, i’m all for that.

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    twitter is a lot better for businesses to respond, i noticed it personally

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    I think that 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within an hour statistic is tough to really understand without knowing more context. That might be a realistic expectation if you comment on the page of a small, local business, but you can’t expect a bigger, national company to get back to you right away. If they’re able to do that, they are probably using bots to automatically respond.

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    In a world of instant gratification, this really isn’t at all surprising. Though I am surprised that companies on Facebook and Twitter have really risen to the occasion and basically met customer demand for quick responses.

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    It can be very tough to play the waiting game with social media, especially Twitter. I’m not surprised it’s showing quicker response times than FB.