Social Media Highlights AT&T Servers Sputtering Under Enormous Weight of iPhone 4S Activations

AT&T servers are working overtime this Friday. The activation demands incumbent on AT&T this morning (the first day of availability for the iPhone 4S) are overpowering the carrier, causing innumerable subscribers difficulty in activating their new iPhone.

Angry customers have now taken to the social media realm to vent their frustration.

Across Twitter and Facebook, unhappy AT&T subscribers say they’ve been getting error messages for hours as they’ve attempted to get their freshly un-boxed iPhone 4S up and running.

Although the frustration is justified, there’s nothing new about servers sputtering under the massive pressure new device’s engender (especially those made by Apple).

On Wednesday, Apple similarly struggled to keep pace with user demand as iOS 5 dropped and caused Apple’s servers to temporarily go offline.

With regard to AT&T’s troubles today, it should be noted that the carrier is not alone in its activation woes Friday. Carriers around the globe – including Japanese carrier Softbank – are also working hard to remedy comparable glitches caused by such overpowering server demands.