Social Media Finally Creating New Marketing, Advertising Jobs

Social media platforms have grown so ubiquitously powerful that they may have finally started creating real jobs.

“The secret for these companies is to have identifiable people whose job it is to tweet,” journalist Paul Carr tells The New York Times. “If you are in business and not using social media, you are probably doing something wrong. It’s a hugely useful marketing tool.”

As more and more business owners – of companies large and small – wake up to the awareness that new media requires full time attention and full-time workers, jobs are finally being created the world of social media.

One provided example of full time social media success comes from Gary Vaynerchuk, who helped boost revenues of his father’s humble New Jersey liquor store “from $4 million to $50 million through social media” alone.

Vaynerchuk says at one time he spent 12 hours engaged in online marketing – from email and Facebook to Twitter and mobile marketing.

According to Carr, “a small company should be just as responsive as a big company and a big company should be just as personal as a small one.” Social media, in essence, makes this possible. And, as a result, an entire new slate of jobs await creation as companies of all shapes and sizes stumble upon this undeniable reality.

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