Social Media a Marketing Venue for Two-Year Colleges

Northwest Louisiana Technical CollegeIn Louisiana, two year colleges are utilizing social media as a way to attract more students to the unique courses that they offer.

One of these schools, the Northwest Louisiana Technical College, started the hashtag #BEWISELA in conjunction with renewed social media campaign efforts. This school in particular hopes to triple the number of students who graduate from their workforce training programs over the next three years.

“We want the citizens of Northwest Louisiana to understand that our programs can quickly train them for middle-class careers to improve their lives,” interim director of NWLTC, Dr. Rick Bateman, tells The Shreveport Times.

The school’s main focus is on preparing students for careers in cyber tech and healthcare, as well as manufacturing for industries and energy corporations.

Overall, they want to improve the quality of the workforce and provide better education to all those in Louisiana who are seeking higher quality higher learning.